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There is new information available in the Travel Policies for Cuba section. Passengers will not be required to check in again for their flight to Cuba; however, passengers will be required to complete and submit the OFAC certification form at the gateway departure gate, if not previously submitted electronically*. tourist card, business visa, etc.) through the Cuban Embassy or via third-party vendors prior to travel. Travel to Cuba is only permitted for the 12 categories authorized by OFAC, and travelers are expected to maintain a full-schedule of activities related to their category of travel. Are all passengers required to have a visa for travel to Cuba? Passengers must retain their boarding pass during their stay in Cuba. Delta is working toward an electronic solution to simplify the process for Cuba-bound travelers to submit their signed OFAC certification to Delta. Initially, Delta will restrict international connecting traffic from flights to/from Cuba to avoid any potential lapses in communication regarding the U. Delta will not issue refunds for Cuban medical insurance.

All new information is indicated in red text and includes updates on baggage information. city, does the passenger need to check in again upon arrival to their U. Passengers failing to submit an OFAC certification form will not be permitted to travel. If not purchased in advance, travelers will be required to purchase a tourist card (Cuba’s entry visa) for at the gateway departure gate, prior to boarding. The boarding pass will serve as evidence of the insurance policy should any emergency medical services be required during the trip. How much does a temporary policy for Cuba-specific medical insurance cost? Electronic submission will be available through delta.com, online check-in and My Trips in February 2017. carriers may only travel to Cuba for one of the 12 OFAC authorized travel categories. Foreign nationals traveling to Cuba for tourist purposes should not attempt to book travel on a U. Travelers without a valid travel document for entering Cuba (e.g., tourist card, business visa, Cuban passport, etc.) will also be required to obtain a visa or tourist card, with the exception of Cuban citizens or dual citizens born in Cuba. Upon departing from Cuba, you’ll need to present your passport, the boarding pass for your departing flight and the other half of your tourist card to Cuban immigrations authorities.

Please contact your Sales Account Executive for additional information regarding program details for Cuba. Will my passengers receive priority benefits through programs like Delta Edge? Most of Cuba uses a 110-volt current with the standard American two- or three-prong outlets. travelers may bring back up to 0 worth of merchandise acquired in Cuba.

“Beyond frequent emphasis on the need to combat corruption ...

FILE PHOTO: Cuba's First Vice-President Miguel Diaz-Canel stands in line with his wife Lis Cuesta and local residents before casting his vote during an election of candidates for the national and provincial assemblies, in Santa Clara, Cuba March 11, 2018.

Alejandro Ernesto/Pool via REUTERSUpon taking office on April 19, some had hoped he might move quickly to breathe new life into reforms aimed at modernizing one of the world’s last Communist-run countries.

The cost of the medical insurance will be collected with the passenger’s fare (a surcharge). Yes, Delta will collect and maintain the passenger’s signed OFAC certification in our records for five years, as required by U. Also, Cuban citizens returning to Cuba are authorized by general license to travel to Cuba. Are there other important requirements for Cuba passengers? Complete passenger contact information, including but not limited to phone fields and email addresses, is required to be in the PNR. travelers may purchase alcohol and tobacco products while in Cuba for personal consumption while there. If the 24 month period expired the person will need an "Habilitacion” or other type of entry permit.

This contact information is important in the event that Delta must contact passengers concerning their travel to/from Cuba. How will the addition of service to Cuba affect my contract and incentives with Delta?

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