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Searches on the database could take 15 seconds or more to execute and in many cases locking up completely. The host company wanted 3K to keep fusion going – It turns out they were fleecing me – charging 5-6 times over the amount I needed to pay!Another problem was that the database had been written badly and was slow full stop.The history or Timeline of Fusion101 service for single Christian is as follows.

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This was greatly encouraging and made me realise that people were actually getting a lot out of Fusion – gave me the will to live at this point as I had no idea how I would carry on.

DATING SITE REVIEW SCORE: 8 out of 10 – Despite the sceptics, Fusion 101 really does offer Christian dating for free and a pretty decent all round matchmaking service and has had many marriages as can be seem from the home page!

UK members can sign up at the UK Christian singles site (see link above).

Two friends offered to sort out these issues for 20% ownership of the company each – making it a 60 / 20 / 20 split.

A year into the partnership it was clear these guys were hoping for a easier ride and although they helped I decided to buy them out as one took on a job which left no time for Fusion, and the other didn’t have as much experience of the web as was really needed.

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