A fatal error has occurred while updating your device blackberry Online sexy video chatting with women without registration

If this doesn’t fix the problem then the issue might be your GPU driver.Update the driver to the latest version and the black screen should be gone.

Now go to the video settings and change the resolution to your monitor’s native resolution and you will be able to play the game in fullscreen.

If this doesn’t fix the audio problem then go to “Playback Devices”, select your active audio device, click on properties, go to “Enhancements” tab and uncheck all enhancements.

Now play the game and those audio crackling, lag and stuttering should be resolved.

These issues range from no audio from NPCs to audio lag and stuttering while playing Rage 2. To fix this, go to “Sounds” and in “Playback” tab select your active audio device.

Now click on configure and select the right channel for your audio device and click next and the no audio issue should be resolved.

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