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I actually find my "kinkiness" has the opposite effect with relationships - because I have a high sex drive and am open minded, lots of men/women don't see me as the relationship "type".Men especially seem to have two types, one they want to fuck senseless, and the other they want to settle down with.I would hope that nobody of any gender does things sexually just to keep their partner happy.

are so called 'kinky' single women only being kinky to get a man?

I couldn't pretend to be bisexual for instance to get or keep a man though, I'd rather depend on my miserable face and ratty disposition "So, inspired by another thread that has got me thinking ...

" It is a bit of a loaded question as any part of a relationship could be taken as 'givens' not just kink.

Some people are kinky, some dabble, some discover it later in life, and some are not kinky. I attend events and munches and there are plenty of women who are into kink.

I sincerely hope that nobody ever does kinky things just to keep a person in their life. Inevitably they are one of a couple and there is treble the amount of men to women.

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