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Laws that keep guns out of the hands of abusers save lives.

Although it disproportionately affects women, domestic violence touches all groups. An abuser’s access to a firearm is a serious threat to victims, making it five times more likely that a woman will be killed. are 21 times more likely to be killed with a gun than women in other high-income countries.

Connecticut, Hawaii, and New York also use this approach.

For more information about these laws, see our summary on Categories of Prohibited People.

California Four states have recently enacted laws designed to facilitate the reporting of abusers whose crimes fall within the federal definition of a “misdemeanor crime of domestic violence” to the databases used for firearm purchaser background checks.

In fact, when an abuser has access to a gun, a domestic violence victim is five times more likely to be killed.

Many states require or authorize courts to prohibit the possession or purchase of firearms by people subject to Many states exceed federal law by including a broader category of domestic violence victims who may apply for a protective order prohibiting firearms.

About half the states exceed federal law by allowing victims to seek a protective order prohibiting purchase or possession of firearms by: a former or current dating partner or anyone with whom the victim has had a romantic relationship, any person who is presently or has in the past resided with the victim, and/or any family member.

With our high rates of domestic violence-related gun violence, the U. is the most dangerous country in the developed world when it comes to women and guns. Yet federal law does not require a background check to be performed before every sale of a gun, including sales by unlicensed, private sellers.

This allows prohibited abusers to turn to private sellers to access guns.

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