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Learn how to restore a file, folder, or event from the Deleted files page.Events Sometimes deletions are grouped into events.Events looks like: “Filename and X more files." You can click an event to see the full list of deleted files and folders.I have a flow running that attachements from a certain e-maildress are saved in a folder of my One Drive.In Windows Explorer, you can go to the Properties of the file or directory, then Security, then the Auditing tab, and set up the rules for what you want the system to record (for example, log all Create or Delete events by a member of the Users group); these events will be recorded in the system log (viewable with the built-in Event Viewer tool).

To be precise, this program can change file/folder attributes to System, Read Only, or Hidden.Visit Stack Exchange In Windows 7, how to get the datetime that a file was copied into a folder? I get some files ftped into my folder, those files show when they were created but I need the time those files arrived in my folder. we have a folder where we receive files from different sources, ftp, from websites manual and automate downloads, manually save email attachments, copied over by batch files, generated with java and python.I keep getting create date but that's not what I want. currently we have a vb code that gets the datestamp of each file as we are trying to decide at which time we should upload each file in our application. Thanks will create a new file with the Create timestamp set to the current time (though a copy utility could opt to modify the creation timestamp; most file metadata is user-settable).Note: *“Device” only shows devices linked to your Dropbox account unless you’re a member of a Dropbox Business team.If you’re a member of a Dropbox Business team, you can also see the devices linked to accounts of other members on your team.

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