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Mena Suvari is a successful actress who starred in many Hollywood feature films.

She also appeared on the World Poker Tour and is an avid poker player.

She is very active on social media and is a vocal advocate for causes such as human rights and environmental protection.

But her character, like so many other one-scene stars, is important, however, as she contributed so much to one of the many mythical scenes in the films (and undoubtedly one of the most vulgar ones).

There is no doubt that the films were fun, dirty, and wildly inappropriate.Suvari is most known for her role in American Beauty, but appeared in shows like American Horror Story (we’re sensing a theme) and Chicago Fire. She currently models for cosmetics company Lancome.Mena Suvari is involved in several charities, namely End Violence Against Women which targets young adults and gives them tools to deal with abuse.Ramirez was born in Santo Domingo and caught her break starring in music videos for Jay Z, De La Soul, Santana, and others. The very definition of the Girl Next Door, Ali Cobrin plays Kara in the Reunion film: Jim stares at her as she literally walks out of the neighboring house, and she reminds him that he used to babysit her.Her main role in the film is that of the cause of the fight between the group and Kara’s boyfriend, AJ, who mistreats her; she makes a move on Jim and he refuses, despite perhaps a slight temptation when she reminds him she had just turned 18.

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