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Our globetrotting tips, as well as our visa and health information will help ensure you're properly prepared for a safe and enjoyable trip. Extend Your Trip After your Chile vacation packages, why not consider another of Goway's Latin America tours.

The only way you could possibly learn more is by embarking on your journey and discovering Chile for yourself. These include a large selection of other exciting countries in Central and South America.

The hills surrounding the centre of the city are covered with multicoloured houses perched at crazy angles and connected by an enormous labyrinth of streets, long staircases and look-out points.When you book on one of our Patagonia tours you will have an opportunity to get up and close to the many interesting and tame animals found in the park.While on a Chile vacation, you might want to extend your stay and book one of our Easter Island tours.Chile is sandwiched between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes mountain range.It is a long strip of land 4600 kilometres/2850 miles in length and only 430 kilometres/265 miles wide. Its terrain is extremely varied consisting of desert, fjords, mountains, volcanoes, lakes, wilderness and cultivated winelands, a land of nature at its best with many National Parks to be enjoyed on a Chile vacation.

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