Anonymous dating websites

On the modern digital landscape, there are over 30 well-known Best Anonymous Dating sites on which users can wink, flirt, and chat to their hearts’ content.

Additionally, there are countless niche sites for the conventional and…more unconventional tastes.

Tinder is a weird mix of anonymity and trusted information—Users must connect their Facebook profile to the app, but it only takes your first name, photos, friend list, and brief “About Me” to use for a profile, of sorts.

From there, the experience has one flow only: vote “yay” or “nay” to the photos that pop up from users within a specified radius.

They try to keep you focused with a “percentage complete” system on your profile, but it’s still easy to get lost in the text composition. There are lots of glitches when performing basic functions, and their attempt as a “Hot or Not” style functionality just doesn’t work with the serious, romantic mission of the site.

One way in which the mobile platform really fell short for me was the email functionality: It doesn’t display sent messages in one screen, so to remember what’s been said prior you have to go back and forth between “Sent” and “Inbox” folders. They need to do some serious redesigning if they’re going to compete against the other big players, at least if they expect to keep a younger crowd around.

All your personal information remains private and anonymous until you decide to take things further.Upon starting a profile, you undergo a long and in-depth period of self-discovery in the form of a survey, which their algorithm then uses to find matches for you. They use the language is super traditional, encouraging you to “Find love today.” Users make sparks fly in a variety of ways, including “winking,” “favoriting” other users, and “liking” their profiles or photos.The accompanying design incorporates a lot of whitespace, but is otherwise pretty stark and outdated, incorporating an eye-crossing combination of blue, gray, white, and lime green.It gets 7 for Desirability, as it’s definitely fun and engaging, though I feel a pang of guilt sometimes when giving people the “Nope” stamp. Sure it depends on the individual, but personally wants a stronger foundation for attraction in a dating app.Our goal in this post wasn’t to pick a proverbial winner, but to discuss the different ways in which these sites play with the user experience.

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