Are ed and jaclyn from bachelor pad still dating

She will be good television because she can be a bit of a drama queen, but I don’t think she is going to win.

She is already the target of the fans and she has proven already that she will tell you like it is and that she knows strategy.

Michael knows what to do; hence why he won the first time. Just avoid conversations — and if you do talk to someone, then lie to them.” Kalon Mc Mahon: America’s most hated bachelor.

He revels in his role as “villain” driving up in his convertible and saying he needs the money for helicopter fuel.

He is a memorable contestant and not bad on the eyes so I can see him going far perhaps.

He did choose to partner up with fan Paige proving opposites attract, but Paige fell fate to the plan to boot all fans.

He is going to try and play many girls and I predict he ends up getting caught up in the drama and does not take home the prize because in Bachelor Pad the women vote off the men and the men vote off the women.

Basically a lot of the girls hate her and that drama is coming into the bachelorpad so expect catfights.Despite this, it still promises to be an interesting season.Michael Stagliano: Coming back into “Bachelor Pad” a second time, he is one of two returnee Bachelor Pad contestants.Erica Rose: She is also returning to Bachelor Pad after playing last summer. Right away, she lets everyone known that her and Kalon know each other off the show and there is bad blood there.Again, I’m thinking Erica is going to let the drama win.

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