Are lisa raye and al sharpton dating sophisticated dating profile

Al Sharpton and his Wife Kathy Jordan Source: Daily Mail Al Sharpton and Kathy Jordan called it quits after 24 years of married life.They separated amicably in 2004, but neither Sharpton nor Jordan has filed for divorce till date.Former President Barack Obama's "go-to black leader", Al Sharpton is currently legally married to his former wife, Kathy Jordan, but they officially separated in 2004. After separating from Jordan, the Baptist minister was romantically connected to several beautiful women. Al Sharpton with girlfriend Aisha Mc Shaw ar NYC Democratic Committee Award When asked about her relationship with the Baptist minister, Mc Shaw confirmed of being his girlfriend saying: Mc Shaw is the most serious relationship Sharpton has had after his separation with wife Kathy Jordan in 2004. Currently, the 63-year-old American civil rights activist Al Sharpton is in a romantic relationship with Aisha Mc Shaw who is around 20 years younger than him. The couple has been spotted together at several high-profile events including White House Correspondents Dinner in April 2013 and President Obama’s holiday party in December 2012 but they didn't make their relationship official until July of 2013.Sharpton and his wife Kathy Jordan tied the knot in 1980.According to some sources, the former couple first met when Jordan was a backup singer for James Brown.Clad in her signature white, Mc Coy recently put out a video for Break the Silence, a grassroots public awareness campaign devoted to raising awareness of AIDS issues.In her recent PSA for the Break the Silence campaign, Mc Coy speaks of AIDS awareness as though she is speaking to her daughter, asking, “What is my responsibility? Protect yourself, that’s the least you can do.” Mc Coy began working in conjunction with Break the Silence not only as a concerned mother, but as a concerned voice for the minority community.

Soon after his separation with Jordan, Sharpton was romantically linked to singer Foxy Brown and actress Lisa Raye.As per her website, the pageant serves as “an opportunity to expand their skilled and creative minds, overcome challenges like peer pressure and low self – esteem, have confidence and social skills,” and prepare them for the future.Thus far, Miss Raye Diant Jewels Teen Pageants have been held in Atlanta, Charlotte and Chicago, continuing Mc Coy’s mission from her years in Turks and Caicos, working with young girls in underserved communities.Koman Breast Cancer Foundation, Circle of Promise (as listed on her website), working with fellow actor Steve Harvey. Al Sharpton on their “Listening and Learning “ tour, where they traveled the country and spoke with parents, students and teachers about education reform.But Mc Coy has not only worked as a crusader against disease – she has also worked specifically to help young girls of the African-American community.

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