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So why exactly do white guys like Asian girls so much? In my book “A Seductress’ Confession”, I teach women the key principals of seduction, to boost their sex appeal instantly, and one of those key principals is to be feminine.Therefore, white guys like Asian girls because they are so supportive. ”Therefore, you can tell her what you like in the bedroom, and your Asian girlfriend will look after you rather than laugh at you or blame you. Chen’s lover’s wife was okay with her husband’s long-term relationship with Ms. I know many Asian women are very open-minded sexually.Asian women believe that it is their job to make their men happy and satisfied in the bedroom, so they will try their best to cater for your needs. That was only one specific example which happened more than thirty years ago.Two years ago, I was hosting a wedding in Australia. She couldn’t speak English; her husband couldn’t speak Chinese.But their love story was phenomenal because her Australian husband tried every way you can imagine to communicate with her (he truly adores her). Only a few years ago, when I entered the casino, the security guy at the entrance asked me, “How old are you?In Asian countries, rarely can you find a woman over 40 years old that has never been married.In contrast, in western countries, you can easily see women in their 40s and 50s who have never been married.

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Yet looking at western women in western countries, you can easily see that many western women think being masculine means men and women are equal, which is not true. Asian women are feminine women – They embrace femininity. Real femininity means being soft and gentle outside, but strong and tough inside.” (Because that’s what Asian women really want to learn all the time.)Sarah Jessica Parker replied, “I have no advice for Asian women, because Asian women dress so much better than western women.”It is true that Asian women maintain their youth for a much longer time, compared with women in other ethnic groups.It’s the Asian DNA makeup which has more collagen naturally.She said, “That means my husband is charming and high-value.”Although not every Asian woman is like that, at least that means Asian women generally don’t have many rules when it comes to sex. ”In fact, the story in “Fifty Shades of Grey” happens every day in Asian countries, so the story is just commonplace – many Asian women are happy to be submissive in the bedroom; a dominant lover drives an Asian woman wild!Who doesn’t want to make his woman sexually happy?!

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