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And the problem is by crafting that sort of message you think you're being unique and thoughtful. Meanwhile I hear stories about friends of friends who literally spam 100 girls with the same identical message and wind up going on 5 dates a week and getting laid on every one. I also feel as if people on dating sites have horribly high expectations. I took time to craft and perfect a charming profile and sent only the most intriguing messages that were personalized to the recipient, and I was entirely ignored by the vast majority of women.

We never went out because she lived like an hour away.

To a man on the other hand, the shotgun method is all you have.

Now I believe I am reasonably attractive, or so I am told. Out of those 10, 4 might actually respond to my message.

We got along great, but unlike the guys side, she has 89 other options that might be right next door. I'm upfront about being short and totally understand when a taller girl doesn't want to go out.

As a result I have to get myself a drink and spend an hour messaging every eligible girl. I make sure they know ahead of time so it isn't a surprise.

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