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Is AVG Antivirus not working for you on Monday September 2, 2019?Tell us your problems below and we’ll update this page whenever there’s any official outages that occur from the AVG team.Right click on the German flag in your System Tray (lower right corner).Then left click on 'Launch AVG Free Control Center'.Then, left click on 'Scheduler' to highlight and then left click on 'Scheduled Tasks' at the lower part of that window.You will see two scheduled times: one for the Test plan and one for the Update plan. I had this problem and I traced it to a redirection of Grisoft's address in my Hosts folder.

Yesterday, however, AVG update hung indefinately, then I rebooted. PLEASE NOTE: Do not post advertisements, offensive materials, profanity, or personal attacks.

It's also possible that the update servers were experiencing heavy traffic at these particular times. )The free ver of avg does not allow update time choice.

As for the application hanging for a moment after having attempted to close it, some programs (though I'm not sure about AVG) will continue to complete it's current mission before closing. Thanks for the help, I must go and personalize now.

For a little while now I\u0027ve noticed that when AVG goes through it normal 9am-ish auto update (or manually also) it hangs, while waiting for an answer from grisoft. This is a 2.3ghz p4 1gb ram vista PC machine on a shared DSL line.

This computer ramps up the fan as needed and during this process the fan runs like it\u0027s in the middle of some operation.

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