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However, one major aspect i would change about Maryville's school system would be the diversity of the teachers and students.Most of the teachers that work in the school system are Caucasian, which makes some students feel out numbered.Overall, the Kingsport City School system is great.Oak Ridge has given me extremely useful academic opportunities.The Kingsport City School system, overall, is a great school system.They do care about their students education, and take it very serious.I was in the Honors Society and the classes I took challenged me.It was a great school because there was such a variety of classes to choose from. When I went to college I already had several credits from high school.

I also felt like they really listened to what you had to say. Once you graduate, you're going to miss that teacher that was hard on you and made sure you was on top of things because college is a whole other ball park.

Clubs, activities, safety, facilities, administration, and teachers are all resources for students.

There are many opportunities for students through Maryville City Schools.

The teachers and coaches drive students to succeed in all aspects of their school life as well as their personal lives.

However, Maryville City Schools' resources go far past academics and sports.

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