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I found out about earlier this year after stumbling across a casting call on Instagram and was instantly excited about it because I’d never heard of a dating show that was so perfectly tailored to me and my sexuality.I don’t actually have much experience of bisexual dating at all because I rarely come across other bisexual women.revealed that “bisexual individuals are at a higher risk of poor mental health outcomes compared to heterosexual, lesbian and gay individuals” so it’s a relief to see a show where bi people can explore their sexuality without need for justification.What’s more, ’s dedication to being inclusive when it comes to sexuality really appealed to me. We just got a look at the first trailer for the bisexual dating show, and it features a bunch of men and women in white clothes feeling each other up and getting splattered in pink, blue and purple: the colors of the bisexual certainly the first bisexual dating show ever to appear on a major cable network, and that’s a big deal considering that only 26 to 33% of all LGBTQ characters on American network, cable and streaming services are openly bisexual, according to GLAAD’s most recent count of queer TV characters."The potential downside however is that it being a dating show could just reinforce the common stereotype that bi people are promiscuous, or all about sex, which - of course - isn't the case for all bi people."Most dating shows still rely on voyeurism and titillation than the pursuit of romance these days though.

For the bisexual community, who are often erased from the world of reality TV dating, the show has been hailed as somewhat of a breakthrough — an opportunity to break down damaging stigmas about those who date more than one gender.

The drag artist took to Instagram to share a three-part series on bisexuality in celebration of the day.

In the videos, Courtney addresses a number of misconceptions surrounding sexuality as well as highlighting the significance of their meaning: Part 1/3 💖💜💙To celebrate #bivisibilityday here's part 1 of a little bisexuality 101 (link to the whole thing is in my bio) 💖💜💙 The Bi Life, UK’s first bisexual reality dating show, hosted by me, starts Thur Oct 25th 9pm on E!

As a bisexual woman, I don’t often see representations of my sexuality on other mainstream dating shows.

I also admire the fact that the show fosters a more supportive environment in the villa since contestants aren’t competing against each other.

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