Brooke and nathan dating

You also have to buy into Lucas already being a published author, Brooke having a million-dollar fashion empire, and that Slamball is a thing.

On the plus side, we get to witness Lucas and Peyton try to pretend they aren’t soulmates, Nathan try to pretend he’s totally cool with his depression beard, and the audience pretend like we didn’t know Lucas and Lindsey’s (Michaela Mc Manus) wedding would be a disaster.

I still tear up when I see chicken dumpling soup on a menu. They do attempt some of the crazy that worked so well in other seasons, but with mixed results.

A psycho stalker is always welcome in Tree Hill (this one is after Clay and Quinn), but Dan being married to Rachel (Danneel Ackles) and having his own miracle-healer TV show is a stretch. Like the majority of the later seasons, season eight tries to distract us from the fact that most of the OGs were gone, with stories about newish characters that were just not engaging. , especially once Lucas and Peyton (Hilarie Burton) leave, tends to go overboard with how many Jamie story lines the viewing audience might be into.

Lucas’s book is called was right to introduce a gay character (the show fails in representation of both sexual orientation and race), but Felix and his closeted sister Anna (Daniella Alonso) were not the best way to do it, especially since they scrap the whole thing pretty quickly and send the siblings off into the sunset.

There’s no way in hell a queen like Brooke Davis would ever fall for an idiot like Felix, and nothing will convince me otherwise.

That being said, a season that has Brooke Davis getting her happy ending helps me overlook some of the more lackluster elements.

With all the insanity, however, come some powerfully emotional moments.

) by defeating Peyton’s psycho stalker turned hostage taker via cheerleading camp moves on prom night. Okay, there are two other words in season four that better highlight its strengths: “It’s you.” Yes, season four is when Peyton and Lucas finally get together FOR REAL and kiss under falling confetti after the Ravens win the state championship. The first season also does a great job of establishing two of the enduring relationships of the series: Nathan and Haley, who end up married by the season finale, and Nathan and Lucas, the reluctant brothers.

Could a high-school soap opera be summed up in one scene any better than that? Sure, the acting leaves something to be desired, and some of the story lines err very close to teen show clichés, but both the kids and the show grow into it.

This time jump doesn’t come without its own hindrances, though.

Mainly, spends a large amount of time explaining to us what happened in those four years, and how our friends have ended up where they are.

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