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Our events run like this: In one night you will sit down for 25 three-minute dates with other singles. Three minutes CAN'T be enough time to know if you like someone you must be saying.But it really is long enough to know if you would like to continue that conversation, and get to know that person a little better.David Baird of Catholic Redeemer College and the YP Lounge – a branch of Vancouver Right to Life.

Each generation has had its own unwritten etiquette around it.All said they had no first-hand experience of the hookup culture, but agreed it affects their generation as a whole.All had strong opinions on dating while remaining faithfully Catholic.But today it can very much seem there are no rules at all, and any married person will tell you they’re thankful to be well away from the current dating scene.So how are young Catholic singles to negotiate the nebulous world of finding a potential mate?

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