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We have unbeatable confetti launchers and equipment that’ll turn any Concert, Major League Game, Festival, or Parade into the event of the year!Or, if you’re celebrating with friends or family, we have convenient "hand-flick" tubes perfect for low ceiling events that bring an element of magic to your event with just a flick of the wrist! And that’s why Flutter FETTI confetti sticks, loose confetti, and streamers are specially designed to leave a lasting impression.Whatever event you may be planning, it can certainly benefit from using Flutter FETTI products and confetti sticks.In addition, our Co2 launchers have a unique piercing unit that is so unusual we even applied for a US Patent. Our X-6 electric launcher can shoot our 2” X 40’ metallic Streamers over 100’ into the air.We will help you find the perfect Flutter FETTI confetti sticks, launching equipment, and more for your occasion, as well as confetti launchers to shoot them from.Plus our pricing beats all others for our quality products! our brilliant and fun-loving team will talk you through everything you need for a great event. We can even help you prepare for the future by buying confetti in bulk!

At Flutter FETTI, we specialize in adding that “WOW” factor to parties and events of all sizes!Unlike standard confetti that stays in the air for just a few moments, Flutter FETTI soars above the crowd and hangs in the air ten times longer than other confetti brands and then slowly descends, creating a “Picture Perfect Moment” which your guests and party-goers won’t forget!Each piece of Flutter FETTI is Custom "Hand Made” in the USA using Proprietary Manufacturing Specifications for our signature rectangular, aerodynamic shape.Plus both our X-6 electric launchers and Continuous Flow Blowers use a valve which is now compatible with DMX.At Flutter FETTI, we take great pride in having been part of some of the most incredible shows and events overs the years.

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