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When I first started, I did a lot of juice fasts to clean out my system, and I also got used to preparing a wide range of salads.Later I learned more about dehydrating food but I’m still super busy these days, so I prefer to keep my meals quick and simple.And of course I love gourmet raw dishes when they are done right; some of my favorite dishes ever have been at Karyn’s Raw in Chicago, Rawvolution in LA, and Pure Food and Wine in NYC. I also take a few supplements in addition to those, for good measure.EBONY: One concern some people seem to have about veganism is getting enough protein. EBONY: Over all, what advice do you have for someone looking to incorporate more raw food in their diet or even to transition completely? It’s fun in the beginning to go the grocery store and start trying fruits and vegetables you have never included in your diet before.As we’ve arrived in this new cultural frontier, why is it so challenging to find where we belong?And in the end, is a tribe what we’re really after?Most recently, you may have seen Edosomwan as “Ngozi,” a naïve and virginal young woman navigating the dating scene in Accra, Ghana on You Tube’s popular series, When she’s not traveling, acting, modeling, writing or directing, she’s most likely consulting and sharing her knowledge of health, wellness and the benefits she has reaped from her mostly raw food vegan lifestyle (improved energy, clear skin, etc) with the world. COM caught up with the Nigerian-American rising star to chat about the diet that sustains her busy lifestyle and the importance of knowing what works for your body. Esosa Edosomwan: Raw veganism is eating food that has not been heated above a certain temperature usually around 118 °F in order to retain the most nutrients, enzymes, and life force. I fluctuate depending on travel and season, but I generally remain very high raw and have a long list of foods I can’t bother eating because my body has become very sensitive. EBONY: How did you discover raw veganism and what lead you to becoming one?EE: My fabulous cousin was raw vegan when I was in college.

This topic was inspired by a post in The Raw Honeys Facebook Group.

Gluten free foods are usually made with ingredients like rice, corn, potatoes, sorghum, tapioca, and millet, which are all higher in carbohydrates and have less nutritional value than wheat flour.

It’s best that before you jump on any fad including gluten free that you know your body and discover what works for you.

People pay attention and if you stick to your convictions, sooner or later they’ll be asking you how you do it.

I really don’t believe veganism is right for everyone because we are all so unique; however there were people who told me I was wrong for choosing a veggie lifestyle.

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