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The underlying goal of these changes has been to provide a versatile platform from which a high quality and unique preaching resource can be maintained and developed.

The site provides several online courses, including Learn to Read the Bible Effectively webinar, for the instruction of those visitors to the site who register with us to learn about God’s plan.

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Orthodox views of the Trinity are rejected, and the theology is strongly millennialist.We look at the evidence of archaeology, history, and how God’s promises have been fulfilled by events which have happened even within our own lifetime.All of this evidence gives us confidence that God’s future promises of an everlasting kingdom to fill the whole earth will be fulfilled.Bibles and hymn/song books are available to borrow. The atmosphere is relaxed and people are encouraged to discuss and ask questions about what they have heard when the presentation has finished. You are invited to join us at 6pm* each Sunday for our Bible Hour.

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