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Edit: this was a temporary bug that was fixed in an update about a month or two after this discussion.The above response has not been applicable for years!As for the other changes in Civilization VI's fall update, it also adds the ability to rename cities, while the UI has been updated with a visual cue for barbarian scouts that are alerted to your city.Additionally, proving that patch notes are the best, the update "change[s] Dan Quayle rankings."In terms of bug fixes, the update ends a problem where the "For Queen and Country" achievement was unlocking too frequently.It also fixes an issue where some wonders were sending too many notifications. I've been grinding through the achievements to win with every clan and I noticed a bunch of them weren't coming through on Xbox Live even though they were all unlocking in the game.

Then I noticed that some achievements have silver locks and some bronze.

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The reason why you may not be receiving the achievements, aside from perhaps not unlocking them fully, is that they are not awarded whenever you have a mod enabled and most (if not all) achievements will not unlock if you are playing a multiplayer game.

Both of these will not only prevent you from gaining an achievement but also halt any progress you may have gained on one (ie forests chopped during the time you are playing with a mod does not count towards the number required for the Paul Bunyan achievement).

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