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Colbie was very active in her school days and always wishes to participate in the events. Shortly, she encounters with Mikal (A Music Producer).Thereafter, Callait was appointed at the fashion shows as a singer.He recently said in an interview that he writes his music in a calming atmosphere and "discover" his music rather than "write" them.He also joked that he just begins to play simple chord progressions that go along with Bob Marley's famous songs and ultimately ends up with a new song.All these songs are featured in her album called “All of You”.

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Most expectedly, their loving partnership will last forever.Thus, Colbie Caillat became single and in the market again after the decision was made to split from her guitarist boyfriend.The couple was dating for two years quite secretly.Colbie Caillat also stated that when she was touring in summer of 2012 she was asked by Gavin De Graw to record a song for a soundtrack of the movie and she immediately said yes because she has never done it before and wanted to try it.A source said that both musicians are often recording together and Gavin De Graw is trying to spend as much time as possible with the singer.

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