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Our local payroll services include processing employees' payroll documents, monitoring timecard processing/receipt, maintaining data tables of timekeepers and certifying officials for timecard processing, providing timekeeper training, reviewing payroll reports and initiating corrective actions, and serving as the liaison with DFAS to research/resolve employee pay issues.Our experience with providing local payroll services to geographically separated employees led the VA Payroll Modernization Team to select FSC to provide Tier 1 Service Desk support VA-wide.However, you do not need to rerun the entire payroll.Oracle Payroll will only reprocess those items that were incorrect in the initial run.For example, you can roll back a payroll run when you want to carry out a test run without keeping any record of it having taken place.You can also run a Retro Pay process when you want to make retrospective adjustments to allow for backdated pay awards.

This is useful in each of the following circumstances where you do not want to process a payroll for the entire organization.Process changes can also be implemented more efficiently through consolidated activities and employees receive consistent pay related information eliminating confusion and pay errors.Put our experience and reliability to work for you and your employees.Historically, our payroll support services have been unparalleled.We have helped process the biweekly payroll for the Department of Veterans Affairs' 300,000 plus employees for 35 years without ever missing a pay day.

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