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She teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in historical archaeology, historic material culture, the archaeology of the African diaspora, the archaeology of the historic Chesapeake and Upland South, and current trends in historical archaeology.

Heath and Schroedl are collaborating with and international team of scholars as well as scientists at the Missouri Research Reactor to conduct instrumental neutron activation analysis of historic West Indian pottery.

It would soon destroy Babylon, but first, its army sacked and burned a city nestled in the mountains ...

Stone tools and other artifacts unearthed from an archeological dig at the Cooper's Ferry site in western Idaho suggest that people lived in the area 16,000 years ago, more than a thousand years earlier than scientists previously ...

Historical Archaeology is a research and training focus of the archaeology faculty and graduate students at the University of Tennessee.

Historical archaeologists study the emergence of the modern world from an anthropological perspective, with a special emphasis on material culture.

The findings, presented in Scientific Reports, represent the ...

In the farmlands of the Mississippi River Valley, earth is continuously cleared and leveled—a result of the region's booming agriculture industry.

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Undergraduate and graduate students whose primary expertise is in biological anthropology and cultural anthropology also find the concerns of historical archaeology relevant to their interests.The focus cultivates important links with faculty and students in other departments and research units of the University, including Geography and History, the Archaeology Research Laboratory, and the Mc Clung Museum.This research focus provides faculty and students with a collaborative setting for scholarly research, cultural resource management, and public outreach.Mapping the evolution of life on Earth requires a detailed understanding of the fossil record, and scientists are using synchrotron-based technologies to look back—way, way back—at the cell structure and chemistry of ... The Pleistocene Epoch, often called the Ice Age, was a dynamic time of fluctuating environmental conditions, but understanding exactly how animals evolved throughout this time can be challenging. As modern Greeks undertake to reconstruct the Parthenon, largely using stone material from the site's ruins, a question naturally arises: How did ancient Greeks construct massive temples and other buildings—lifting and ...Elaborate burial sites can provide insight to the development of socio-political hierarchies in early human communities, according to a study released August 28, 2019 in the open-access journal PLOS ONE by an international ... People in England were using balance weights and scales to measure the value of materials as early as the late second and early first millennia BC.

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