Cyberchat dating site

The new user also needs to select the primary purpose for their presence on Bear411. Regardless of what option you choose, you are not limited to that purpose once you are accepted on the platform.One of the final steps in the registration process requires new users to announce if they have an intention to attend an upcoming “bear meeting.” A drop-down menu presents the registrant with a list of all of the upcoming bear meetings.These consist of events scheduled throughout the world in large and mid-sized cities.

However, once you start conducting searches and engaging with other members through the site’s messaging system you will be drawn in by how results-oriented the site really is.

They are also asked to classify their sexual style.

The options are “it’s a secret,” a top, a bottom, versatile, oral-only, and jack-off only.

We often remark when other sites look out of step with the times in terms of design that they look like something out of the early 2000s.

Bear411, however, made us harken back to a time even later than that.

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