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Take the elevator down then roll/jump off it when you see a ledge.On the right is a body that has 5x Torch, while the other side holds a path leading down and around the building.Kill the enemies before dropping down the second hole on the right.

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In the room with the various statues that needed to be destroyed in order to defeat the Ghost Sanctum Knights in Dragon's Sanctum , you'll find the Eternal Sanctum Key .

Then return to the door in the beginning of the Sanctum that was locked, and unlock it with your newly acquired key.

Homeward Bone back to the bonfire and enter the cave and at the end of the corridor to find a fog gate. Drop down the ledge, and if you are in human form, find two NPC summon signs for Rapacious Andrei , and Ruined Aflis .

Drop down the next ledge and you will find a room with 3 Sanctum Soldiers, many Petrifying (red-eyed) Statues, and a few holes in the ground.

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