Dating a blue colar guy updating college application

They actually respect men, value family above everything and dream about marriage.​The Philippines is a country in South East Asia.

Yes, you know that, but do you also know that it’s one of the few South East Asian countries where everyone speaks English?

what if you are a college professional who met the man or women of your dreams.

was everything you ever wanted in looks, character, principles and personality, but there's one thing he/she is a high school drop out who works at Burger King.

They don’t go there to host cry-ins or to complain about the evil patriarchy while sobbing in their safe space.

I am a lawyer, with more letters after my name than a bowl of alphabet soup.

The same is true for the ability to communicate and comprehend.

The difference becomes even more evident when you look at academic degrees and licensed professionals.

If you hang out in shady bars with half-naked girls, you won’t meet the kind of girls that I would call marriage material.

And no, the college girls are not the only ones who speak English.

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