Dating an insecure girl

Be with her as she rides her insecurities, but make sure you’re not contributing to them.

Any confident woman would feel insecure if her man never bothers to send her a reply.[Read: 25 signs and qualities that make you a really good boyfriend] #7 When you don’t compliment her on her new haircut. The fact that you’ve had sexual chemistry and history is enough of a reason for your girl to get insecure. She’s been with you much longer than the two of you have, and she’s your “best friend.” Good luck with that.If she’s made an effort to look good and you don’t give a damn, it’ll be a big blow to her self-esteem. The only woman who can tolerate your friendship with your ex is someone who doesn’t give a damn. She shouldn’t be a part of the world that you create together, right? If you do this too often to your girl, she’ll start to feel like you’re excluding her from your life.The truth of the matter is, although women really are a bit complicated, they are actually just asking for simple things.For most women, it’s the many little things that count.

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