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The P72 model bat was created in 1954 for professional baseball player Leslie Wayne Pinkham. New York Yankee Derek Jeter used the P72 for every at bat in his 20 MLB seasons, with over 12,500 plate appearances.

On September 25, 2014, in honor of Jeter's impending retirement, the P72 designation was retired, and the bat was renamed the DJ2 (Jeter wore #2).

[more] Immediately after the spine begins to rotate back toward the catcher, a short timing step with the front left leg begins to occur.

[more]“I have the Swing Faster baseball program and it is awesome! I have been using the program for a week and a half and I am already seeing results in my hitting distance, bat speed, power, and arm speed.

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The first effect of it is to force the back leg, the leg closest to the catcher, to carry the player’s weight...

[more] Cocking of the wrists is an action the hands perform on the bat-handle at the very end of the loading phase and into the first part of the launching phase.

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