Dating customs in guinea

Children born to single women often are neglected or abandoned.As a result, the sexual behavior of youths and the consequences of this behavior are a major public health concern.In Guinea, modern contraceptive use is low, sexuality education is not part of the school curriculum and many young people are sexually active.

They show the impressive mix of religious and ethnic groups typical of fast-growing urban communities, and have experienced rapid change in norms, values and gender roles.All individuals present on the day of the interview were eligible for participation; our sample comprised 21% of youths enrolled in school.For the out-of-school sample, we chose men and women of selected occupations that represent substantial segments of both the formal and the informal sectors: carpenters (male apprentices), cart-pushers (male unskilled worker), dressmakers (female apprentices) and itinerant vendors (female unskilled workers).They attract many young people from the surrounding rural world with learning and earning opportunities. The quantitative component was a survey of 3,603 randomly selected young people.The sample consisted of 2,114 primary and secondary school pupils, who completed a self-administered questionnaire, and 1,489 out-of-school youths,* who were predominantly illiterate and participated in individual interviews.

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