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Listen to the alnums by Pink Floyd for examples of solo tones using this pedal, and listen to Dinosaur Jr.for examples of the raw lead tone and wall-of-sound use of this pedal.Note that this does not mean a pedal with a 1976 pot was actually made in 1976, it just means it was not made any earlier than 1976.The pedal could have been made months or years or more after the pots were made.I have started building a collection of EHX pedals. Please let me know if there are any mistakes or omissions.

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Most clones were based on those, so that is what people who never played an original thought a Triangle was supposed to sound like.Russian pedals & pots on USA made pedals from around 1999 do not have date codes.What a V1 "Triangle" Big Muff sounds like is a bit complicated.Deluxe Big Muff Pi (EH-1330 & EH-3053/3054) Deluxe Electric Mistress EH1318A Slapback Echo (Used Reticon SAD1040) EH1315 Stereo Slapback Echo.DRM-16 (DRM = Digital Rhythm Matrix), EH-7450 Domino Theory 1982 16 second Delay 64 second Digital Looping Recorder EHX declared bankrupt 1984 Matthews launches New Sensor Corp., a new USSR-based company 1990 Sovtek starts production of EHX pedals in Russia Mike Matthews' Red Army Overdrive.

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