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"Love has the power to transform us, so hopefully we have chosen well and picked a partner that can grow with us.

"Yes, arguments will happen, but they need to be fully dealt with, and then forgotten about and never brought up again.

"Everyone has doubts from time to time, whether it’s about the future of the relationship or if your partner truly is 'the one.' As long as the doubts aren’t lingering and constant, they're normal and even healthy."Being in a relationship doesn't prevent you from being attracted to other people sometimes: in fact, having a crush while in a relationship is totally normal.

"You will still find other people attractive and, even if you stay away from temptation, it can occasionally find you," Bennett says.

"This can be extremely challenging in a romantic relationship, when aspects of someone’s personality or lifestyle get under your skin." It's OK to be annoyed by your long-term partner from time to time — just remember not to dwell too much on the day-to-day irritations and always appreciate the things you love about your partner.

If you've never been in a long-term relationship, you probably cringe at the thought of your hypothetical partner seeing you during "gross" moments.

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