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Thus in December 2003, their divorce was finalized. “With Ex-Wife and Son” Bio: The American actor Taye Diggs was born on 2nd January 1971 in Newark, New Jersey, United States. Furthermore, he is the son of Marcia and Young Andre. That’s why Marcia re-married to Jefferies Diggs, thus Taye adapted the surname of his stepfather.“Pic With Pretty Ex-Wife” Other Relationships: Right after the split up from wife, he was dating with pretty Amanza Smith Brown. Taye friends used to say him Scottaye, which then later left with the word Taye, after this he was known by his nickname “Taye Diggs”. As a youngster, he was very awkward, short-side and thin.Only a few family members were invited and kept private.At the time, of marriage, they were both the same age.Looking for an easy, fun, and safe way to meet friends, dates, lovers of your dreams? Whether you're looking for new friends or searching for your soul mate, it couldn't be any easier! As a member, you can search for your ideal partners, check out their photos and profiles, contact them, post your personal ad, upload your photo.But; yet she managed herself in a good way with him.But, currently, it’s not an easy task to predict the future of this relation.

This event left the actor for worse fear and he had to face mess on hands publically.

Through these controversial issues, his ex-wife Robyn revealed that she during her relationship with Mel she never ever suffer any violence.

In 2011, Mel settles all issues with Grigorieva and she was granted $ 745,000.

In 1995, during the production of the film (Rent), he met to Idina Menzel.

Thus from 1995 onwards, both start interacting with each other. Subsequently, on 11 January, 2003 Taye married to Idina Menzel.

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