Dating in the workplace ethics

Such a relationship could be between employees at the same level, between a supervisor and his/her subordinate, or it could be a flirtation between the big boss and one of his female subordinates.While so many reasons have been advanced as the cause of sexual relationships in the workplace, what seems to drive most of these relationships is the fact that the workplace is where employees spend most of their time, which makes it a fertile ground for such unions.If an executive displays romantic feelings towards a subordinate, for instance, this may be considered unethical behavior.In the May 2005 issue of “Office Pro,” Martha Mc Carty discusses the unwritten rules about managing workplace relationships, arguing that most managers know work contains a social element, but if office romances occur, employees should maintain ethical awareness.

When two employees are involved in a workplace romance, they are not the only ones in the relationship.

When we apply these principles, we can move forward with confidence in our ability to make good decisions that build trust and empower our customers and partners.

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