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If I had to not only do the work that comes with the podcast post production but also figure out, like, a brand-new, crazy, in-depth, like, I need to find out interviews; I need to go into this; I need to, like, create my own content! And, like, we set our goals really small, and we were like, this is just our thing together.This is us talking to each other and staying connected and being BFFs, and then it just sort of exploded! Yeah, and then after that, we were, like, very fast friends, because we discovered that we have, if not the same opinions about things, we dearly love a lot of the same things, and, like, you know, we were working with the same students, and the students would come away with much different insights from us, but they both wanted –Melody: – to coach with us again, because they, they realized that both were valuable, and so, yeah, and then Erin actually, we were only friends very, for a very short period of time in person.

And as the eve of the benefit arrives, her deepest wishes just might come true. Muffia book club member and celebrity talent agent Quinn is returning from business in Japan when she sees her fellow Muff’s former Israeli lover Udi, who’s supposed to be dead.

and Martha Hall Kelly will love this heartfelt, compelling novel set in World War II France.

When Ines marries Michel, owner of the storied champagne house Maison Chauveau, she never imagined their lives would be ripped asunder by the specter of war, but now they face a vital choice: do they join the Resistance against the Nazis occupying the region, or does that pose too great a risk for them and the people they love, including Celine, the Jewish wife of their chef de cave.

I, I didn’t discover romance novels until college –Erin: – and I said this, like, many times on the podcast, so, sorry if you’re one of our listeners and you’ve heard this a million times, but, like, I found one author, ‘cause I picked up her book because it had, it was like a funny cover that amused me, and, like, I picked it up kind of as a joke, and then I was like, there’s sex in this book!

Like, I, I had no idea that there were, like, sex books.

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