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These antique pachinko machines would normally have an expiration tag as well. In this case, 1925 49 = 1974, so the tag indicates 1974.

Patent 1963 Later rectangular and circular tags show the year the machine was certified by using the Shōwa year. That means the machine was likely manufactured in 1973 because 1974 is when it was to be removed from the parlor.

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So the challenge is to try to determine the first year of production for a particular machine model. The first method most people use is to examine what are commonly called the expiration tags.

A particular model might be initially produced in 1973, but still see limited continued production for several years after if it is popular.Determining the exact year of manufacture of a pachinko machine can be a difficult.The first thing to understand is that unlike automobiles in the US, there were no real "model years" for pachinko machines.The date on the sticker is typically one year later than the date of manufacture, because that was the period when the majority of a particular model was sold and certified.Many pachinkos have lost the tags, and some types do not display a date.

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