Dating my supervisor

An intended relationship with any co-worker, but especially a younger one, could be considered inappropriate and make the rest of your staff, very uncomfortable. Even the most discreet of office romances is bound to become public knowledge soon enough.

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Robert is a charming and intelligent 32-year old (who is also single).

The downside here is that it is really uncomfortable to be in an office with someone you have broken up with.

The challenge is to make sure you are good enough friends that even if the romance ends you can still talk and interact with each other without rancor.

You might also consider that in today’s economy, no job is a sure thing.

Either one or both of you might lose or leave your current jobs, be asked to accept an assignment in another city, or decide to get more training and switch careers — and age has little or nothing to do with this. If Robert genuinely loves you there is no reason to think that he will find you less attractive as both of you continue to age.

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