Dating someone of similar attractiveness

In each condition, as the men crossed the bridge, they met a female experimenter who asked the men to tell stories about a set of ambiguous pictures. Lots to Gain: The Power of Winning You Over Which is more attractive: someone that has always liked you or someone who first did not find you appealing but eventually became more positive?

She also gave the men her phone number “just in case you have any questions” (slick). A clever study tested this by having college students engage in a series of meetings.

They discovered that proportion of similarity is more important than overall number of similar attitudes, such that it is more important to be similar on 7 out of 10 traits (i.e., 70%), rather than 30 out of 200 traits (i.e., 15%).

This study laid the foundation for hundreds of subsequent studies into the importance of 2.

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The researchers altered the scales to manipulate how similar the bogus stranger was to the participant and how many attitudes appeared on the scale.The men who met her on the high bridge told stories with more sexual content and were more likely to call her than the men who met her on the low, sturdy bridge. The participant “accidentally” (it was actually an intentional part of the study) overheard the experimenter describe them in one of four ways: all positive; all negative; initially negative but becoming positive, or initially positive but becoming negative.As you would expect, participants liked the experimenter when the evaluation was completely positive, but, surprisingly, liked the experimenter even more when the evaluation was initially negative but became positive. What is Beautiful is Good Most people assume that being physically attractive is a good thing, but this study shows just how good it can be.I'm talking about men and women alike who would average a solid 7/10 rating.I know quite a few people in that range who have a really difficult time getting dates or getting beyond the casual sleeping-together phase - there's a very real "always something better" culture in dating, especially in large cities, and in my experience, someone who is reasonably put-together and cute, but not "hot" or "sexy," will get passed over by people of their own attractiveness level who all have their sights set on landing an 8 or 9. It was developed by myself (a solid 7 woman) and a male friend of equal attractiveness over copious amounts of whiskey, and while the specific annoyances of our situations were different, we agreed that the overall effect was more or less the same.

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