Dating the aquarius woman

Best believe that there are few people who will interest you more than a fellow Aquarius.

The compassion and love for helping all make the water-bearer a truly treasured friend and dependable partner.

While Aquarius men and women rarely lack dozens of friends to call their own, they also tend to keep them at a distance.

As an Aquarius man or woman, you can be confident that you will never find a more compatible partner who treasures and respects your individuality and freedom like a fellow Aquarius does.

Aquarius women and men can be on the elusive side, and often intentionally avoid emotional investment and commitment.

This is why two water-bearers who end up interested in each other could, unfortunately, spend a lifetime never growing beyond a friendship.

This is a symptom of a water-bearer’s recognition of their own vulnerability.

By keeping close friends few and far between, potential wounds simply don’t cut as deeply.

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