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Akhirnya lelaki daegu itu hanya menggeser gelas susu yang baru saja dibuat dan berlalu begitu saja meninggalkan Seonhee tanpa sepatah katapun.Seonhee menatap punggung Yoongi penuh tanya, tapi saat menyadari gelas yang berisi susu hamil Seonhee tersenyum lebar, menggeleng kepala, tak mengerti lagi bagaimana mengartikan kelakuan suaminya yang suka tiba-tiba itu.Ya, tiba-tiba romantis, tiba-tiba pengertian, tapi kadang tiba-tiba menyebalkan juga.Walaupun begitu Seonhee tetap menyukai perlakuan suaminya yang penuh kejutan. Jungkook gave Sana a light peck on her forehead, down to her nose, then to her lips. They are in the stage while looking at the audience that is so many. ' One in a million, cheer up you're something special, One in a million the only one in the world. "KISS KISS KISS KISS KISS KISS KISS"The crowd said and Sana blushed, while Jungkook smirked.

Leehyun Hello Aunty, this is Hwang Jonghyun nice to meet you^^ Seonhee Welcome Jonghyun!

Sana turned around and saw, Jungkook singing Euphoria while walking towards her....

The song ended and Jungkook is now in front of her, "You are my Euphoria~" he singed, "Sana....

– Exy appeared on “King of Masked Singer” as “Daring Woman”. – Seola appeared on “Just Dance” Commercial along with TWICE‘s Nayeon and Jeongyeon. – Luda is in a show called “Dunia: into a new world”. – She’s very considerate, will clean up after members, and help take care of the members.

– She is on the variety show “I Have Something to Say Today”. – Nationality: Korean – She was born in Seoul, South Korea. – She represents the Sagittarius but is actually a Capricorn (zodiac sign). – Seola, Dayoung, Exy, Eunseo, Cheng Xiao, Soobin, and Yeoreum are in YTeen which is the Starship unit with Monsta X. – She’s able to turn any song into a ballad/sad song. – She acted in the web drama “Good Morning Double-Decker Bus” (2017). – Luda has a single called “Dream World” which she sang in “Dunia”. – Aware of her surroundings (ex: in their reality show, Dawon moved to stand in front of a trash can because she didn’t want the image of the trash can to ruin the image of WJSN when greeting their sunbaes) – She swims in the morning, physical conditioning at noon, and pilates in the evening. – She can play the piano, guitar, drums, tambourine. – Eunseo doesnt drink coffee because she cant sleep if she drinks one.

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