Dating tip from the animal kingdom

The most successful males will do about 90% of the mating in the area!

If that’s not killing two birds with one stone, then I don’t know what is.

Weir of Simon Fraser University in the press release from Concordia.

“Males may forgo displays of conspicuous courtship and attempt to gain some reproductive success in other ways,” said co-author biology professor Jeffrey Hutchings of Dalhousie University.

Thankfully, whether you’re still looking for your date or have found Mr. Right, we’ve sorted through the thousands of animal mating rituals around the world and pulled out the best tips to help you date, love and get laid this holiday season., it’s hard to deny the effect suave dance moves have on us.

But we’re not the only ones – tons of animals cut the proverbial rug to attract their mates.

“We found there’s significant flexibility in mating behavior and customs across many species,” says study co-author James W. Grant, biology professor at Concordia University in a press release.

Different species used similar strategies when faced with the same problems in finding a mate.

More importantly, having their potential mate stolen away by a more attentive suitor,” said lead author Laura K.

Two species of South American spiders look so similar that sometimes the spiders themselves get confused. Once that happens, she’ll shrug off other males and wait for her guy. Red-sided garter snakes roll up into large “mating balls” with dozens of males competing for a single female.

Males who offer a mating gift to the wrong kind of female often end up getting eaten instead. Once the wandering albatross grows up, it finds a partner to mate with for life.

Now’s your chance to strut your stuff and show all those eligible mates what you’re made of.

Just be you, let your freak flag fly and start peacocking around the room. Turns out birds are huge promoters of busting a move.

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