Dating two woman at the same time

I think that because I was in it, and know what was going on on both sides, is why I am rationalizing things. you're rationalizing things because you are in a weird co-dependent emotionally abusive relationship and you are addicted to it. i have a feeling you are going to get back with him.

you're right, he wasn't wrong for trying to move on from you..

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Trust me you are so so much better off if you just RUN.

They were in a relationship for the past year and that whole time he and I were still sleeping together and doing things that couples do as well.

No matter how you treated him in the last year or whatever does not rationalize what he did.

If you were awful he should have broken up with you, not lied and run around behind your back.

Everyone I try to talk to and tell how I really feel says the same thing to me.

I just know they don't know how badly I treated him during our second yr before our break up.

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