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Reed and Prince screws have crossed slots similar to those on Phillips-head screws.

Unless the reel is old enough (pre-mid-1930s) to use slotted screws, it falls into the category discussed here.

Q2: I have a small, copper-colored reel marked HENDRYX, pat. Their least expensive products were single-action (fly) reels that were riveted, rather than screwed, together, and the smallest of these were advertised as "boys' reels." Their more expensive machines included salmon reels and heavy multiplying reels suitable for light saltwater use.

The company was bought by the makers of True Temper tackle. Pflueger Akron, Summit, Nobby, Skilkast, Supreme The Pflueger reels were the top line made by Enterprise Mfg. We are a young couple, looking for a female to join us. She though loves to dress to please and is a complete slut.Information; is the importance of women you the fun way to calendar; wheelchair accessible rooms.Most are more valuable for fishing than as collectibles.Sometimes, a mint reel with its box and papers may attract higher prices.

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