Dating with a purpose

Get to know your strengths, your vulnerabilities, your desires, and your fears.The better acquainted you are with yourself, the more success you can have with relationships.A helpful way to identify who you want is to create two lists of qualities you’re looking for in a partner.One list is your “ideal qualities,” and the other is your “deal breaker list”. affectionate, educated, into yoga, has no kids, loves to travel, good communicator, etc.If we keep Jesus and the Gospel first and foremost in our relationships we will start to see that life is better when we are more concerned with living for others rather than ourselves. He enjoys writing about a simplified life and following Jesus.You can find him online at on Facebook by clicking here.Have you ever been in a relationship and known that something just didn’t feel right?

The .1% is for those rare situations where everything else is amazing and this person has done some work to overcome this deal breaker, or to make it less of an issue. Read up on all that you can on men, women, and relationships, communication, sex, and all things related to love.Start with listing the ideal qualities you want in a partner. Do NOT use your list to disqualify every date you have. This should have a few key deal breakers that keep you on target, no matter what.Let it be your , don’t let it be your excuse to hide from every possibility. Examples include no criminal history, or someone who has a history of violence. It might be based on a bad situation from a previous relationship that you never want to repeat.Tip: Sign In to save these choices and avoid repeating this across devices.You can always update your preferences in the Privacy Centre.

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