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The Urban Dater’s articles cater to both men and women, so you’ll never feel left out.Url: Author: Midori Lei About: As her blog’s tagline suggests (traditional relationship in a modern world), Midori holds time-honored values and beliefs in dating.Of the opening stanza, Rose said, "I know I've had those relationships on both sides, where you wanted to tell somebody[…]'Why don't you just chill? " Brice added that the song's melody "just took us to a place.It was kind of a sensitive kind of song, but it still had this edge to it that was really cool.Sex and London City is now one of the most popular of the UK’s relationship blogs and dating blogs.Nixalina’s unapologetic approach in showing the exciting and brutal reality of being a single woman looking for love catapulted her as a sex and dating expert.Heartbeat) About: This blog is run by the irascible advise columnist, Ms. Deborrah Cooper tackles a wide range of topics about love from dating pet peeves to texting rules for dating singles.Her blog posts are opinionated and insightful, and with over 20 years of experience in the relationship field, she knows how to handle any topic in a witty and hilarious way. Url: Author: Charlotte About: founded My Pixie Blog in 2009 after the demise of her long-term relationship.

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Hi, I’m Midori:) This is my corner of the Internet to post about my current obsessions.

You know how you discover the best cookie or mascara, an obscure but well made Netflix chick flick, or the most amazing place to find dim sum and the first thing you want to do is share that information with friends? I hope this can be a place for you to find inspiration and suggestions about just about anything.

Baggage Reclaim is inasmuch special among the dating blogs and relationship blogs, as it aims to help people deal with their relationship baggage and gain back their confidence along the way. Browse its library of articles or take one of Natalie’s subscription-based courses.

Url: Author: The Last Honest Guy Follow: Facebook, Twitter About: The Last Honest Guy is your go-to blog for uncensored advice and insights about men and relationships.

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