They have newer crimes to work,they just don't have the time it would take to put everything together. Fredcasa, I just tried to see if I could fine these new suspects, but didn't see them under Zodiac suspects where I would think they should be. Tom has arrest pictures of Kane when he was about 38 yrs old. Sandy,---what's it going to take to get DNA testing of RH and LK re: any and all DNA from Z letters, stamps, etc.?I can say this, that I have picked my suspect out of a picture line up after having been bothered by him for so many yrs. That picture can be found on Zodiac links Tom has on his message board. It seems that you have some very reasonable leads and this should be done along with the blood spots on that book!My husband didn't give anyone a ride and had no idea where this stuff could have come from.Curious cat, I resent the way you use the words she "claims" and alleged.


I found one at Napa PD and he has asked me to wait, and to hang on to everything I have untill he has a chance to work on the case. Most of the police who worked that case are gone, the others just don't care I am sorry to say.

29 or Silverado Trail that puts Z very close to Queen Of the Valley Hospital where CS died, right? If Z put that hood in your car, he was very close on the 29th. I've been trying to catch up on the tons of information here and everywhere else I can find.

I think I'm also dealing with a lot of repressed emotional trauma.

I can check out the places he lived to see if he was at all the known Z places at the right times. I have found one very good lead that puts him in Vallejo late 80's, playing Z games with a young boy. iredancer/zod014Sandy, does this guy look familiar? I don't think he'd recognize me after all this time. I heard a rumor that during the early 70's there was a huge costume ball in PH area of San Francisco, the Gov was there..actors. Nightshade, That is a pretty good drawing and it could looked a bit like Kane, but it would be better if you saw Kanes picture.

Another poster believes he is a man she got away from in the 70's. I would like to hear from more like that who can Id him. I just posted something you might find interesting on the message board,under coincidence's. I have been playing around with the Z wanted poster, and I got it to look a bit like the man who I got away from twice. Anyway, there was a rumor that Zodiac attended the party based on the fact that the guest list had some strange writing in it ..similar said "guess who". Tom I believe still has Kanes arrest picture on this site.

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