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Discuss your ideas, fantasies and desires openly and clearly, let people know what you do and do not like, what things you would like to try, and what things you do not want to try (your limits).Try to include pictures of yourself or at least part of your body, pictures always go a long way on any dating site.You are not limited to just being stuck in a group, you can make friends in your city or all over the world.

) When writing about yourself, let people know the things you want them to know, but be honest. We're gay too, and we've opened our doors so you can take a look inside. Maybe a secret or two, but that would be gossiping.Please type or paste an original text in a form above and choose a language pair from drop-down box.Just remember that BDSM is about consent between both parties, and there should always be respect for your opinion and thoughts.Remember that BDSM is about fun and fantasy, expirementing and trying new things.

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    , she is 50 years old but still looks stunning and her talents haven’t diminished one bit. Her father is a trained violinist named Peter Kelly and her mother is a nurse named Anne.