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My ideal partner would Hi, well my dog got me to do this, so don't blame me.

Reasonably fit, easy to get on with and clean (no...

My life revolves around boats, sailing, cycling and the occasional bit of motorbiking.

Tried to write a new profile ,but ended in tragedy., William Shakepeare,please come to the rescue,need to find my Juliet,a rose by which any other name would smell as sweet, Tis but thy name that is mine enemy,?

Alongside the black and white image, he wrote: "Oh hi derrling..." - The Room #The Room #the Room #THEroom #the ROOM." The mysterious caption refers to the 2003 cult-classic , which stars Tommy Wiseau.SEE: 10 guys Selena Gomez should date instead of Justin Bieber.The Trojan, called T9000, was spotted by security company Palo Alto Networks, and it automatically captures data about conversations made on the infected system's Skype software (stock image pictured).Give the freedom to your fantasy: maybe diving in Maldives, doing a safari in Africa, attending a festival in Netherlands or travelling on the top of the train in Bangladesh has been your dream…Talk about your dream holidays and find a common one.I’m out going (a little shy at first), a tad cheeky twist on a dry sense of humour, so love to have a laugh.

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