Do guys like dating older women

There is just so much going on all at once that young women can and do worry a lot about the small stuff.But there comes a point in everyone’s life where they realize that the small stuff should be addressed, but not fretted over.Hopefully these views are starting to change with younger generations, but some of the old fashioned crap is still lingering around.By the time we grow older, marriage becomes less important to not important at all. They have experienced dependence and never want to feel that helpless again.

You might have been miserable and totally unhappy with your looks.

Life is way too short to get angry about a glass of milk left on the counter overnight or a night without internet service.

We put up with fewer stressful situations and will get up and leave if something gets to be too much.

Yes, I am one of the old cranks who has bucked the system and bought a simple text phone. The funny thing is, when I got together with my best friend from high school this summer, she had the exact same text phone.

She works in law enforcement and has witnessed the havoc smart phones can create and I simply prefer using my brand new i Mac desktop for online work.

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